The Green Wolf

Be aware that this Tumblr frequently includes pictures of art made with animal remains, as well as occasional liberal political ideologies. Mostly it's nature photography and art (and not just of charismatic megafauna).

Artist, author, ecopagan, and wannabe polymath living in the Pacific Northwe(s)t.

Creator of Curious Gallery, a two-day arts festival celebrating the wunderkammer revival in Portland, OR on February 1-2, 2014. Details at

I discovered neopaganism in the mid-1990s, and shortly thereafter began my work with animal totems and neoshamanism. Over the years I've wandered through various paths, ranging from Wicca-flavored neopaganism to Chaos magic, and for several few years I created (and followed) Therioshamanism, a post-industrial neo-shamanic path. These days I've relaxed into a more integrated ecopaganism, less about rituals and journeying, and more about the sacred in every moment.

I've also been creating various neopagan ritual tools and other sacred art from hides, bones, beads and other such things since about the same time. And I've written several nonfiction books on totemism, animal magic, and related topics. My next book is "Plant and Fungus Totems: Connect With Spirits of Field, Forest and Garden", due out from Llewellyn in May 2014.

A few places to find me, as I'm all over the internet:

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In addition to all the critter bits and art supplies I listed to Etsy last night, I also added two new wolf masks! You can see them on the Green Wolf Etsy shop!

These are from Alaskan wolves; I only use wolf parts from Canada and Alaska where the populations are healthy enough for limited hunting, and the hides come from subsistence hunters who rely on this for part or all of their income.

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