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My ask box is open. I answer most questions privately, unless it's something that other people may be wondering about AND it's not something personal about the person asking. Feel free to ask me stuff about nature, working with animal parts in art and spirituality, paganism, ethical omnivory, sustainability and environmentalism, and so forth.

Be aware that this Tumblr frequently includes pictures of art made with animal remains, as well as occasional left-leaning political ideologies. Mostly it's nature photography and art (and not just of charismatic megafauna).

Artist, author, naturalist pagan, and wannabe polymath living in the Pacific Northwe(s)t.

I discovered neopaganism in the mid-1990s, and shortly thereafter began my work with animal totems and neoshamanism. Over the years I've wandered through various paths, ranging from Wicca-flavored neopaganism to Chaos magic, and for several few years I created (and followed) Therioshamanism, a post-industrial neo-shamanic path. These days I've relaxed into a more integrated ecopaganism, less about rituals and journeying, and more about the sacred in every moment.

I've also been creating various neopagan ritual tools and other sacred art from hides, bones, beads and other such things since about the same time. And I've written several nonfiction books on totemism, animal magic, and related topics. My newest book is "Plant and Fungus Totems: Connect With Spirits of Field, Forest and Garden"..

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Animal Parts Laws Page Updated! Please Share!

So—I got the US Animal Parts Laws page updated:

I went through and checked all the links, removing bad ones and finding replacements in almost all cases. I also added links to the fish and wildlife services for all fifty states, and I added information on the Truth in Fur Labeling Act. I still need to comb through all the links and see if there are any changes to animal parts prohibited in various states; I’ll be doing a few states a day for the next couple of weeks if all goes well. In the meantime, most of the information should stay current, but you’re welcome to look up relevant info in the links provided. Also, I intend to add international laws like the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act.

If you see anything missing that I should have on this page, please let me know! And PLEASE pass this resource along to anyone you may feel could benefit from it—there are a LOT of misconceptions about the legalities of animal parts. While I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice, I do want to help people start their own research.

Here, by the way, are the three main misonceptions people have:

—That it’s legal to sell pre-ban CITES I animal parts. This is FALSE. Even pre-ban CITES I animal parts are illegal to sell, buy, or barter across state lines. So that vintage jaguar hide? Don’t try and sell it on Etsy.

—That all you have to do to send animal parts outside of the country OR have them shipped to you from outside the US is to have the relevant postal customs forms on the package. This is FALSE. You need a federal import/export license and you need to pay inspection fees. So if you’re offering to sell animal parts to people outside of the US and you don’t have this permit, you are breaking federal law.

—That wild bird feathers and other parts are legal to possess. This is FALSE. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 prohibits the possession and sale/trade of almost all wild bird parts, to include fallen feathers. This includes common birds like crows, ravens, blue jays, robins, and so forth. So leave those feathers on the ground!

Again, check for details.

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