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My ask box is open. I answer most questions privately, unless it's something that other people may be wondering about AND it's not something personal about the person asking. Feel free to ask me stuff about nature, working with animal parts in art and spirituality, paganism, ethical omnivory, sustainability and environmentalism, and so forth.

Be aware that this Tumblr frequently includes pictures of art made with animal remains, as well as occasional left-leaning political ideologies. Mostly it's nature photography and art (and not just of charismatic megafauna).

Artist, author, naturalist pagan, and wannabe polymath living in the Pacific Northwe(s)t.

I discovered neopaganism in the mid-1990s, and shortly thereafter began my work with animal totems and neoshamanism. Over the years I've wandered through various paths, ranging from Wicca-flavored neopaganism to Chaos magic, and for several few years I created (and followed) Therioshamanism, a post-industrial neo-shamanic path. These days I've relaxed into a more integrated ecopaganism, less about rituals and journeying, and more about the sacred in every moment.

I've also been creating various neopagan ritual tools and other sacred art from hides, bones, beads and other such things since about the same time. And I've written several nonfiction books on totemism, animal magic, and related topics. My newest book is "Plant and Fungus Totems: Connect With Spirits of Field, Forest and Garden"..

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Paths Through the Forests: On the Indiscriminate Killing of Voles (by Lupa Greenwolf)

Warning: This post contains graphic discussions of animal cruelty.

This past weekend I vended at the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire in Kings Valley, OR. It’s one of the most established faires in the Portland area, having been started in 1995, and after I missed last year I was eager to make it back this year. The faire is currently held in a big grass field south of Dallas, OR; the field had been mowed so the grass could be sold as hay, and so all that was left was a bit of dry stubble in the dust. This made it easier for people to walk around–and it also made for excellent vole-watching. The entire field, in fact, is pockmarked by the burrows of voles (probably creeping voles, Microtus oregoni), and we spent the weekend watching on particularly bold little critter popping out of her burrow and wandering the field around our booth and others. She even burrowed around underneath our air mattress at night, as evidences by the trails in the grass and dust underneath–a very determined little vole indeed! (I took the opportunity to subject my partner to several truly terrible vole puns throughout the weekend. Vole-tron. Vole-demort.)

Shrewsbury is quite family-friendly, and there were plenty of kids running around throughout the weekend. Several of the surrounding booths had children who would pass by our booth with some frequency. At one point late in the day on Saturday, one boy near my booth happened to mention to me “I’m going to squash a vole”. I stopped, not sure if I’d heard correctly. “What did you say?” I asked. “I’m going to squash a vole,” he repeated. He couldn’t have been more than about eleven or so, and he pointed at the burrow near the front of our booth where we’d been watching our vole neighbor all day.

I gave him a stern look and said “Don’t you dare. There’s no reason to kill an animal just because it’s there, and this is from someone who’s selling art made from animal hides.” The boy looked chastised and retreated back over to his own booth. I retreated as well; it was a reminder that people, children included, too often see the killing of another life as something to be taken lightly.

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Twofer today! Beholder and golem variants; an Eye of Chaos and Eye of Frost up top, and a Crystal Golem and Brain Golem.

Illithid-kind’s answer to “make a golem” is “make it out of brains” which is sort of like a human saying “let’s build our bulldozer out of Spam (tm),” but it’s creepy, so hey, I’ll run with it.

The Everlovin’ Blue-eyed Brain?




鐙口 (あぶみくち) - Stirrup Mouth 

Abumi-guchi is depicted as a small fuzzy creature that resembles the stirrup from a saddle (the metal bar or leather holder where one puts their feet when riding a horse). The idea presented about Abumi-guchi is that this Yokai is the stirrup of a warrior who was

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Swimming penguins are slowed by the friction created by their bodies cutting through the water. However, they can almost triple their speed by releasing tiny bubbles of air that get caught in their feathers. This cuts drag in short bursts and helps penguins launch themselves out of the water up to 6 feet in the air.

Image credit: Tanya Piejus, Bong Grit

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i want the kind of funding that scientists in comic books have.  where are you getting this money?  do you publish papers or do you just turn people into giant lizards and call it a day?  do you have to get that shit peer reviewed?  who is paying for your research?  can you give me their email address 

i have googled ‘evil science grants’ and the results were not satisfying

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Day 250 : Pied Kingfisher | Ceryle Rudis. 30 x 24 mm. #365postcardsforants #wdc624 #miniature #watercolour #piedkingfisher #bird #blackandwhite #capetown #lovecapetown (at Cape Town Vredehoek)


Day 250 : Pied Kingfisher | Ceryle Rudis. 30 x 24 mm. #365postcardsforants #wdc624 #miniature #watercolour #piedkingfisher #bird #blackandwhite #capetown #lovecapetown (at Cape Town Vredehoek)

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